French Lasagna

22 July 2020, Wed. 20:00
Freedom Hall Kyiv, Kyrylovska street, 134
from 13.33 EUR
from 13.33 EUR

About event

French Lasagna is a comedy in two acts based on a play by Marc Camoletti.

Light, unpretentious, tabloid comedies of the famous French comedian Marc Camoletti successfully go not only in France, but also in the UK, Finland, Germany. Take a poster for any theater and be sure to find in it a “Side Dish in French” or “Too Married Taxi Driver”.

In his works, Camoletti ridicules the piquant life situations that occur in our lives, perhaps this is the reason for the huge success enjoyed by his comedies. “French Lasagna” is a comedy in which everyone plays so much that sometimes they cannot remember who they are and who they should portray. So, remember: Bernard is Jacqueline's husband, but cheating on his wife with a young beauty. Jacqueline - Bernard's wife, is cheating on her husband with Robert. Robert is the best friend of the husband of his mistress, but already in the course of the performance he manages to change her, “laying his eyes” on the beautiful Susanna. Susanna is Bernard’s dear little thing and lover, who has her birthday today, but instead of gifts she is given an apron and sent to the kitchen instead of Suzette.

Suzette is a cook who makes good money this evening, and who, incidentally, has a very jealous husband, George. But seriously, the best ensemble in the performance: Dmitry Lalenkov, Tamara Yatsenko, Marina Yagodkina, Georgy Khostikoev, Kristina Sinelnik and Evgeny Papernoy so easily and naturally cover Camoletti’s intrigues that the tabloid comedy in front of the public turns into a fun and a real funny theatrical game.

Actors and performers:
Bernard - Dmitry Lalenkov
Jacqueline - Christina Sinelnik
Robert - George Khostikoev
Suzanne - Marina Yagodkina
Suzette - Tamara Yatsenko
George - Eugene Paperny

The duration of the performance is 2 hours 25 minutes with one intermission.

The performance is designed for the widest audience: each person sometimes needs to laugh.

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