Legend of love. LUMOS Orchestra

14 February 2019, Thu. 19:00
Lviv Dovzhenko Centre Lviv, Chervonoyi Kalyny Ave, 81
from 5.76 EUR
from 5.76 EUR


Legend of love. LUMOS Orchestra in Lviv - photo #1 Легенда про кохання. LUMOS Orchestra у Львові

About event

Why should you go to the LUMOS Orchestra "The Legend of Love" concert?

1. Express your feelings to a loved one in the most romantic language - the language of music;
2. To hear your favorite soundtracks from the best cinematic films about love performed by the symphony orchestra and wonderful soloists;
3. Give yourself an evening of an incredibly moving atmosphere, where each statement will be heard.

Legends, fairy tales and love stories - one of the oldest stories on Earth. After all, what force can overcome any trial, curse, give life and save the worlds?

Tells her own Love Legend in the most romantic language - music language - on February 14 in the Dovzhenko Center, the LUMOS Orchestra Symphony Orchestra is well-known and beloved by the Lviv public. They say that the evening will be extremely moving and incredibly romantic. What a selection of music of this concert is tested by time and by our hearts. The classic, known and beloved by everyone: La La Land, Titanic, Forest Gump, Eternal Light of Pure Reason, Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, Water Shape, 007: Coordinates, SkyFall "," Winded "," 500 days of the summer "," Beauty and the monster "," The Legend of the Pianist "," Romeo and Juliet "," Alien "," Personal Guard "," Pearl Harbor "," Armageddon " only the best for the best listeners!

The LUMOS Orchestra (ex-Cantabile Orchestra) is the first Ukrainian Soundtrack Symphony Orchestra, which has been playing music, movies, serials, animation and video games since 2010. Musicians touring abroad and protest Hollywood stars. The collection includes more than 600 different soundtracks, large thematic concerts on "The Lord of the Rings", "Harry Potter", "Star Wars", "Doctor Who", cartoons of the Disney studio. Each project team is always more than just a concert event. The LUMOS Orchestra creates feature stories combined with themed stories; Interactive events for listeners who always gather full halls of admirers and leave in themselves incredible emotions and impressions.

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