Legends of Odessa Humor

29 August 2019, Thu. 19:00
from 6.67 EUR
from 6.67 EUR
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About event

Why go to the concert "Legends of Odessa Humor"?

1. The name of the event speaks for itself: it will be unforgettable and very funny!
2. The real heavyweights will come out on the stage according to the version of the Odessa Humor Company: a satire will deal a crushing blow to the dullness of everyday life.
3. You will get a couple of new witty jokes. Be sure to share them with your friends!

August 29 in the Odessa Regional Philharmonic - Schumacher Brothers, Oleg Filimonov and Ian Levinzon, in the bright summer concert “Legends of Odessa Humor”! Come for a great mood!

Dinosaurs of the Yumorsky Period will be pleased with new jokes and will surely be treated with real delicacies - sustained humor from their own personal reserves. Sparkling mood and brilliant satire already rushing to meet you!

Oleg Filimonov is an inimitable narrator of anecdotes, a popular showman, a successful KVNschik and simply a “man-fountain”. The artist perfectly gets used to any images and conquers the audience with his immediacy and wit.

Ian Levinzon - the same "man in front of a mirror." The artist claims and by his example proves that real humor is written by intelligent people.

Waiting for you!