Easy acquaintance

6 August 2020, Thu. 19:00
Ukrainian theater Odesa, st. Pastera, 15
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR
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Attention! The play is rescheduled to 06/08 All tickets remain valid on the new date!

Why is it worth going to the play "Easy Acquaintance"?

1. Marvel at unusual plot twists.
2. To see the live game of the beloved actor Mikhail Zhonin, known for voicing Sultan Suleiman in "The Great Age" and playing the main roles in the series "Dog" and "Doctor on duty."
3. Experience the gamut of vivid emotions from viewing the original history of the relationship between a woman and a man.

Easy acquaintance - a romantic comedy by Valentin Krasnogorov.

Restaurant at the hotel. A beautiful stranger appears in the midnight light and immediately gives attention to an intelligent man. But who is she? A nocturnal butterfly, a sophisticated adventurer or a bored loafer? For some reason, it seems that behind her assertive attempts to make an acquaintance is something more than just a desire to spend a beautiful and boring night. She lures, seduces and immediately repels. But who said this acquaintance promises to be easy? After all, for everything that we dearly need to fight to the end.

What is behind this, you will learn by looking at the story played out by the wonderful actors KRISTINA SINELNIK and MIKHAIL JONIN.

Actors: Christina Sinelnik, Mikhail Zhonin
Director - Olga Semeshkina
Producer - Tatyana Edemskaya