Anne Misyun's Lecture "Pop Art: From Comics to Dead Sharks"

16 January 2019, Wed. 19:00
Urban Music Hall Odessa, Rishelievska Street, 33
from 2.42 EUR
from 2.42 EUR

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"What we love and draw! That we understand and we praise! "

Pop art comes from a certain intellectual protest of young British artists - Peter Blake, Joe Tilson and Richard Smith, against the "arrogant" in their view of non-figurative quest for abstract expressionism, the sermon of the latter by critics and the "professional" audience. The good thing that was loved by each of us now was presented as a certain disgrace, ignorance.

The "simple" person has now been deprived of the right to think, aesthetics, the pleasure of what is clear, known since childhood, of possession of what the average resident of a megapolis or a small village dreams of. For several years, the movement to "popular art" (read, folk and mass) crossed the ocean and seized the capital of a new aesthetics - New York. The frosts of Robert Rauschenberg, the huge comic strips of Roy Lichtenstein, the American Jasper Jones flags, the beloved tomato soup banks, and the replicated, colorful pop diva Andy Warhol returned to the public confidence in the ability to create not only the meanings but also the forms of contemporary art.

The massive high art of pop art actively manipulates the images of what we love, fear, wish, what we dream about and what we keep in memories. Here is our surprise and our delight. Just because pop art exploits the collective unconscious masses, it is still able to create new directions, pulling them from within our imaginations or fantasy fantasies. He gave birth to op-art: we are surprised by the still colored circle on a monitor that spins itself!

Kinetic and situational art aesthetically rethought after the pop art of new imagery, created by the media and advertising. And neo-pop put "simple things" not only on the artistic pedestal, but also on the industrial conveyor. Performed at the studio in Soho Jeff Kunz, high-tech metallic "sandals from inflatable balloons" at 2 meters high scatter at auctions for tens of millions of dollars! And what only is the dead, that is, the "eternally alive" shark in the formalism of Damien Gerst (Damien Hirst - on the site PinchukCentre), for which they paid $ 12 million at the auction! About the special aesthetics of our memory, crystallized in children's toys and posters of favorite groups that become artistic artifacts; ironical genre paintings from the life of the modern metropolis and, of course, the numerous artists of kittens, bitches and other animals - in the new lecture, associate professor of the Department of Culture, Cultural Studies and Philosophy of Culture ONPU Anna Misyun

Previous sales - 50 UAH; on the day of the lecture - 80 UAH.

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