Liz Burbo's Lecture on Psychosomatics. Illness - a gift or a punishment? »

2 April 2020, Thu. 19:00
October Hall Kyiv, aleya Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni, 1
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from 28.33 EUR
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About event

why is it worth taking a lecture by Liz Bourbois?

1. Meeting with the famous writer Liz Burbo.
2. Very important information from the founder of the metaphysical approach to disease diagnosis.
3. Very interesting stories of such a world-famous woman about her adoration to life.

Our body is unique and it knows all our urgent needs. But we often forget to trust him. He talks to us, but do we hear him?

What is a disease? This is your organism's signal for help. If you have ever asked for help, then you will understand how it works. There are times when you ask quietly, and there are situations when you can no longer scream. Illness is the cry of your body or organ for help. It is a reminder of those parts of your life where you do not accept and love yourself. Hear it!

Body pain is always a reflection of situations and events where you are in rejection of yourself or other people. And in this sense, pain is a gift that allows you to heal not only the body, but all parts of yourself, change your attitude and situation, change your false beliefs that are not beneficial, heal your reactions to events that occur and discover something new in life.
Liz Burbo will give a lecture on how to learn how to hear her body and decipher its message. She will share a unique method of deciphering exactly your disease and will teach you to hear unique signals from your body.


You want to know the true causes of your illnesses, ailments and overweight.
You are curious to see how the author of the most complete book on the metaphysics of disease looks, looks and thinks.
You are a specialist in the field of medicine, psychology and physical therapy, and you are interested in a different perspective on illness.
Anyone interested in metaphysics and psychosomatics, and how Liz herself and the School's consultants apply her techniques to working with clients.

Meet the legendary Liz Burbo and discover the secrets of her youth and longevity.
You will learn what metaphysics of diseases is personally from the author of a unique diagnostic technique.
You will hear how simple and humorous it is to talk about the most serious ailments of a person and take them as a gift.
You will see how Liz Burbo's method works in her own life.
You will feel your heart respond to the opportunity to change tomorrow.
Understand how your illnesses are related to your thoughts and emotions.