Grouping Leningrad

24 November 2019, Sun. 19:00
Minsk Arena , пр-т Победителей
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from 36.67 EUR
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Grouping Leningrad in Minsk - photo #1 Ленінград у Мінську
Grouping Leningrad in Minsk - photo #2 Ленінград у Мінську афіша
Grouping Leningrad in Minsk - photo #3 Ленінград у Мінську квитки

About event

Sergey Shnurov and the group "Leningrad" are going to Minsk with the final round!

11/24/2019 Minsk will stir up a whirlwind of impetuous fun. The final concert of the group "Leningrad" will take "Minsk-Arena". The cords were already collecting the venue: in 2017-2018, the concerts were sold out, and the tickets for them were sold out long before X hour. Vanguy: this time will not be an exception.

"Twenty years is the same." The team that set an absolute record for the Russian team attendance of concerts, completes its activities. On March 20, Sergey Shnurov published a poem in his Instagram account in which he declared that the 2019 tour would be a farewell, or rather final, if we use sports terminology. “Twenty years is the same ...” - the verse begins with these words, which produced the effect of a bomb exploded among numerous admirers of “Leningrad”. It ends with Schiller's "Moor did his job."

Officially that the song "Leningrad" is currently sung, Sergey Shnurov will announce on May 13 at a press conference in TASS. However, the frontman leaves hope to many fans, putting not a dot, but dots: the group can be re-assembled in the future - if there are new creative tasks. “But not soon,” her leader immediately agreed.

“You are just a cosmos”, Minsk! The love of the main “Leningrader” to the Belarusian capital is well known: “The most emotional concerts are held in Minsk. The public here accepts as anywhere in the world. ” And Minsk always responds to it in return. The previous performances of "Leningrad" in the Belarusian capital were held with full sold-out - tickets were bought up long before the date of the performance. The excitement around the concerts surprised even the well-worn members of the group, forcing promises of comebacks - and returning again and again gathering sold out.

Why do we love the audacious, loud and whimsical "Leningrad"? Sergei Shnurov has his own version: “The peculiarity of“ Leningrad ”is that unique feeling that we broadcast and evoke - the feeling of the holiday of“ disobedience ”, permissiveness, and everyone wants to participate in this. This is pure emotion. ”

One more time to feel this very emotion and shout together with the frontman the lines of your favorite “Labutenov”, “Voyage”, “In St. Petersburg - to drink” will be 11/24/2019 in the “Minsk-Arena”. With tickets, as always, you should hurry: the 15,000th venue will not be able to accommodate all the fans. Already, put in your pocket a cherished pass to an incredible show with which the group promises to decorate this holiday: it may well be a farewell. After all, Sergey plans to continue ... just to start doing nothing. “I think I can not aspire to be present in the media. - he thinks, - I ate this porridge in large quantities and I can afford not to do anything ... ”.