Lesya Verba. Author’s program Golden

23 November 2018, Fri. 19:00
Urban Music Hall Odessa, Rishelievska Street, 33
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from 4.55 EUR
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About event

Lesya Verba will present the author's program "Golden" in the style of ethno-jazz.

It happened in 1990. The nation has just begun to wake up. Dad, yachtsman and teacher "Vishki" (Maritime Academy), having learned about the celebration of 500 years of the Zaporizhzhya Sich, one evening decided that necessarily lucky there the whole family. It was there, near Khortitsya, that there was a complete suburbage into Ukrainian culture - a tent city from all over Ukraine, songs from Cossack to shooting, costumes, wreaths, fairs, nightlife ... From this journey all returned to others. There is the notion of "gene memory", the memory of the kind that suddenly entered the 10-year-old girl from the ordinary Odessa family, where they talked with a cheerful suzhir with Ukrainian, Polish, Russian and Yiddish. Since then she sang folk songs that she studied there.

Very soon Lesya will find the only ethnographic studio in Odesa where, apart from singing, they talked about customs and rituals, used authentic authentic structures, reconstructed folk holidays ... In three years, Dad, Anatoly Verba, went to the round-the-world race by constructing a sailing boat "Odessa", which tells about Ukraine all over the world from England to Australia. And Lesya begins to play the bandura game, she wants to thank the diaspora for the support and assistance of her father's project. She will not be able to go - the Ukrainian team does not want to change the name in exchange for sponsors' money and the participation of the Ukrainian crew in the roundabout regatta is the assistance of volunteers from all over the world. But she writes at home on a cassette recorder and will give his father a song "The Winds of Winds" - heard by listeners of the Austalian radio station. The bandura, which the pope has specially acquired for concerts, will be held intact around the world and will return home.

Diploma contestant "Pearl of the Season" - 1995; finalist of the competition "Chervona Ruta" - 1996; Gogol Fest - 2015; Laureate of the ethno-festival "Fairy tales" - 2017 - Lesya did not stop. She plays ethno-jazz and experiments with banudra, makes contemporary folk songs, collaborates with Ukrainian poets and designers who give a new and actual breath to folk singing and costumes.

Lesya Verba - vocals, bandura
Sergey Poroshinsky - keyboards, bass
Vitaliy Tkachuk - Bansur, guitar
Andrei Kalashnikov is a pipe