Lesya Verba. The author’s program Golden

23 November 2018, Fri. 19:00
Urban Music Hall Odessa, Rishelievska Street, 33
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR

About event

Why go to the concert of Lesja Verba?

1. See the exclusive Golden program.
2. To hear atmospheric folk songs in a modern musical design and many more interesting things from the creative box of Lesya.
3. Together with the sound of ethno-jazz, immerse yourself in the beautiful world of the Ukrainian song.

November 23 in the Urban Music Hall will be a concert of Lesja Verba. A talented artist presents her special author's program “Golden” in the style of ethno-jazz. Do not miss the bright event!

The girl Lesya from the usual Odessa family, up to a certain point, did not think about what she would devote her life to. The crucial event occurred when Lesia was 10 and his father brought the whole family to the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Zaporizhian Sich near the island of Khortytsya. From this moment on, the little Odessa woman apparently had a gene memory that “worked”; the girl became interested in everything related to Ukrainian authenticity.

Lesya begins to master the skill of playing bandura. She is actively acquainted with the customs, holidays and ceremonies of her people. Today Lesia Verba has many important creative achievements: diploma of the competition “Perlini season” (1995), title of the finalist of the competitions “Chervona Ruta” (1996), “Gogol Fest” (2015) The musician won the Fairy Tales festival in 2017. And this is not the limit. Lesya Verba continues bold experiments with bandura, creates new arrangements of folk songs.

Participants of the evening:
Lesya Verba - vocals, pandora
Sergey Poroshinsky - keyboards, bass
Vitaly Tkachuk - bansura, guitar
Andrei Kalashnikov - the pipe.

See you later!

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