7 September 2018, Fri. 19:00
Urban Music Hall Odessa, Rishelievska Street, 33
from 7.57 EUR
from 7.57 EUR

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International pianist, "intellectual virtuoso" - Leo Vinokur will visit Urbana! His game combines brilliant keyboard acrobatics, highly developed "sound culture" and depth. Maestro will give in Odessa two solo concerts, as well as hold a master class for pianists.

Leo Vinokur was born in St. Petersburg, grew up in Odessa, and since 1996 has lived in Germany. The Encyclopedia "The Great Pianists of the Modern Time" ("Die großen Pianisten der Gegenwart"), published in Berlin in 2009, called Lev Vinokur an "intellectual virtuoso", emphasizing the rarity of this category of performers.

Since 2011, Lev Vinokur actively collaborates with television and cinema studios. The musician played a major role in the biographical film Franz Liszt. The last years "(ZDF Germany / ORF Austria), later participated in the TV series" Sonata for Two "(3sat / SRF Switzerland) devoted to the serious and curious aspects of the life and work of such masters as Haydn, Beethoven, Chopin and Wagner. In 2012, the famous Swiss film director Beat Kirten released a film dedicated to the life and work of Leo Vinokur himself, and on October 29, 2017, the film "Luther's Songs" was released, in which the pianist made a new role: in addition to his historical keyboard instruments, he performed a number of musical works of the great German reformer on the lute.

The program of the concert on September 7th is the exact reconstruction of the first of 6 concerts given by Ferenc List in July and August 1847:
- J. Rossini. Overture to Wilhelm Tell. Concert transcription for Ferenc Liszt's piano. Str. 1 838, first view. 1842
- F. List. Memories of the opera "Norma" by V. Bellini. Str. 1841 first appearance. 1843
- F. Schubert. From the cycle "Swan song" no. 7, "Serenade". Concert transcription for Ferenc Liszt's piano. Str. 1838-39, first appearance. 1840
- K. M. von Weber. Brilliant Rondo "Invitation to Dance", tv. 65. St. 1819, first appearance. 1821, ed. Ferenc Liszt 1843.
- F. Chopin. 3 mazurka: C Major - F Minor - To-Do Minor. tv 63. St. 1846 first appearance. 1847
- F. List. "The Great Chromatic Gallop." First view. 1838

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