Liam Payne

22 May 2020, Fri. 20:00
Stereo Plaza Kyiv, Lobanovskogo, 119
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from 43.00 EUR
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One Direction's Liam Payne will perform his solo album for the first time in Kiyv

The British One Direction boyband by Simon Cowell has become famous worldwide thanks to the powerful hits and sweet voices of the guys. Their songs felt one identity in five, but not the identity of each participant individually.

The band ceased to exist several years ago and now each of the guys is working solo. Harry Styles and Zayn Malik released two albums each, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson released one each.
And of course, Liam Payne. He will become the second One Direction member to perform in Ukraine and launch his LP1 debut.

May 22, Stereo Plaza

"If I had stayed with One Direction, I would probably have died. The schedule was a complete mess. The tours were on sale before we had time to record and release a new album. No stop button. No control over one's life. I started to lose myself," Payne confessed to singer Jesse Weir as part of her Table Manners podcast.

Two years after 1D, the so-called band name on social media, Payne survived the fight against alcohol, dozens of visits to a psychotherapist, and an affair with Cheryl Cole, which ended in Liam becoming a father.

If you listen to his LP1, which came out last December, all this internal struggle with himself in his songs is not felt. As if they were recorded by a completely different person. And that's true.

LP1 overtakes and fills in all that Payne lost while working at One Direction, when he didn't have time to enjoy the simple pleasures - and even to breathe and exhale.

These may not be super ingenious songs, and the album itself does not claim to be on the first line in many "albums of the year" lists, but Payne does not need it, as recognition entails increased expectations and responsibility. And as a consequence - moral pressure and stress.

Therefore, two days before the beginning of the summer, Payne sings songs in Kiyv, which you do not need to worry about. All you have to do is have fun underneath what can be considered the perfect start to a truly warm day.

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