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Lil Pump

29 July 2021, Thu. 19:00
Stereo Plaza Kyiv, Lobanovskogo, 119
from 47.79 EUR
from 47.79 EUR


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About event

Lil Pump in Kyiv! A concert of the famous American rapper Lil Pump will take place on July 29 at the Stereo Plaza club in Kyiv.

Why should you go to the Lil Pump concert in Kyiv?

  1. Break into the world of an artist who has set new trends in the world of music.
  2. Hear all the hits of a bright representative of the new generation.
  3. Break away completely and feel true freedom.

Lil Pump with a big concert in Kyiv

On July 29, the insanely popular rapper from Florida Lil Pump will appear on the stage of Stereo Plaza! Yes, you will be able to hear the most stunning Gucci Gang live! And to meet one of the most successful artists in modern hip-hop. Lil Pump is ready to charge, you can't miss it!

Just book your tickets now at the best price.

Free and free Lil Pump with a concert at Stereo Plaza

Lil Pump did not bother with long promos and just took and laid out his debut work on Sound Cloud. Then, a year and a half later, he recorded his first album. The rapid growth of popularity has brought Leela to the rank of true idols of youth. The rapper became world famous. His work "came" even to avid haters. Not bad, is it?

Today, simple and clear tracks without pathetic lyrical digressions capture millions of listeners. The provocative image of the rapper continues to earn Lila image points. And colorful crimson-yellow dreadlocks continue to remind everyone exactly how the famous meme "Eschkere" appeared.

Lil Pump's top achievements include nominations from the Billboard Music Awards and the MTV Video Music Awards. The video for the hit track Gucci Gang has garnered 18 million views on YouTube in just 4 days. Today this number has exceeded a billion!

See you!

Where to buy tickets for the Lil Pump concert in Kyiv?

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