Forest Song

16 March 2019, Sat. 19:00
from 2.67 EUR
from 2.67 EUR


Forest Song in Kyiv - photo #1 Лісова пісня у Києві
Forest Song in Kyiv - photo #2 Лісова пісня у Києві афіша
Forest Song in Kyiv - photo #3 Лісова пісня у Києві квитки
Forest Song in Kyiv - photo #4 Лісова пісня у Києві на
Forest Song in Kyiv - photo #5 Лісова пісня у Києві фото

About event

Written more than a hundred years ago, the poetry drama "Forest Song" today touches on the most enigmatic corners of the soul of our contemporaries and encourages finding ways to harmony in dealing with nature.

The premiere of Lesia Ukrainka's famous drama poem "Forest Song", which took place on December 7, 2018, on the stage of the Chernihiv Academic Regional Theater. T. Shevchenko became a new discovery for the spectators of endless depths of the work of the prominent Ukrainian poet. Here is a combination of the heartfelt sense of love for the author's homeland, and philosophical tracing by the director-director of the performance of the difficult path of man to harmony in its relationship with nature, and the creative search for talented artists regarding the convincing embodiment of lyrical images of the "Forest Song" in the stage action.

The harmonious actor ensemble managed to reproduce the wonderful atmosphere of this poetic fairy-tale fairy-tale on stage, to convey to the audience the high spirituality of Lesina's tragic song about the impulse of man to happiness, about the complex painful ways to him. Extremely dreamy and gentle image of the forest princess Mavka (art by Ekaterina Tkachuk) enchants and attracts not only fairy-tale forest creatures - the fiery-impetuous Flame-bearer (the art of Eugene Bondar) and the irresistible, restless Tom that breaks the dam (Mykola Lemeshko's art), and It awakens the bright and pure feelings in the soul of the "human guy" Lukash (the art of Alexander Manastirsky), about which his strange trumpet sounds loudly.

The colorful and multifaceted world of nature appears in the play, which is clearly represented by the forest inhabitants: the wise and strict Forest (Valentine Korin) and Vodyanik (the art of Anatoly Kovalsky), the graceful and charming Mermaid of the Water (the art of Ksenia Makievska) and the Mermaid of Field (art. Anna Vladovich), a vengeful villain Kuts (art. Sergey Nosenko), a fireplace-inexorable and terrible One that sits in the rock (art Sergei Lefor). However, all of them, in their diversity, live in harmony with the world of nature, whose development will flow in accordance with the seasons. Instead, in the world of people, harmony is lost in relations with nature, and between oneself. They do not understand each other as if they came from different worlds, sensitive to nature and loved by her Uncle Lev (Z.Art.Ukraine Alexander Kukoverev) and malicious and greedy Lukashev mother (U.S. Antonina Bagley). Kilin's widow (art Natalia Gnatenko), who does not believe that destroying and destroying, will not make happiness with her own hands ...

The crowded spectators thanked the creators of this unforgettable enchanting action with applauding applause to the director-director, the Honored Artist of Ukraine, Vera Timchenko.

Actors and characters
Mavka - art. Katerina Tkachuk
Lukash - art. Alexander Manastirsky
Uncle Lev - zl. art Ukraine Alexander Kukoverev
Uncle Lev - art. Albert Lukashov
Mother Lukashev - holy. art Ukraine Lyubov Kolesnikov
Mother Lukashev - holy. art Ukraine Antonina Bagliy
Kilina - art. Svetlana Boyko
Kilina - art. Natalia Gnatenko
Creeper - art. Peter the Great
Creeper - art. Eugene Bondar
The fact that the dam breaks - art. Mykola Lemeshko
The one that sits in the rock is art. Edward bragida
The one that sits in the rock is art. Sergey Lefor
Vodyanyk is an art Anatoly Kovalsky
Forest - art. Valentin Korin
Kuts is an art. Sergey Nosenko
Mermaid Water - Art. Victoria Peniaev
Mermaid Water - Art. Ksenia Makeyevska
Mermaid Field - Art. Svetlana Suraj
Mermaid Field - Art. Anna Vladovich

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