Lisova pіsnya

26 May 2019, Sun. 18:30
from 1.21 EUR
from 1.21 EUR
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About event

Why go to the play "Lisova pіsnya"?

1. Try to penetrate into the depths of the human soul, along with talented actors.
2. Feel the emotional connection with the vivid images of the heroes of the drama extravaganza.
3. Learn from Mavka and Lukash priceless sincerity.

We invite you to the performance of Faith Timchenko "Lisova psnya." Come for real emotions and plunge into the magical atmosphere!

The touching story of Mavka and Lukash is known to everyone. Pure, sincere Mavka with a bright soul fell in love with Lukasz. The feeling becomes mutual, and the guy gradually enriches his own inner world, following his heart. But happiness is not easy to keep: gray everydayness absorbs all the beautiful ...

The performance will once again make to comprehend the essence of the eternal conflict between the high and the ordinary. Truly fascinating images of heroes and folk motifs, albeit briefly, but return the viewer to spiritual sources.

Cast: Ekaterina Tkachuk, Alexander Manastyrsky and others.