Online lecture by Liz Burbo: Secrets of my youth

21 August 2020, Fri. 19:00
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from 21.67 EUR
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About event

Old age does not exist, says Liz Burbo. Staying young and energetic is the decision, regardless of age!

Find out all the secrets that will help you if you make a decision!

Youth is not a period of life, it is a state of mind!

Next year Mrs. Burbo turns 80. At her age she remains young, energetic, cheerful, involved, active, with an appetite for life and its gifts. ...

Liz is a very popular speaker, her performances are expected in all corners of the planet. She continues to write books, articles, speak on radio and TV, conduct trainings, including online, organize parties for loved ones, meet with friends, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and also help people around the world with her advice.

What is the secret of this beautiful woman who continues to inspire thousands of people to live the life she dreams of ?!

And if you are still a little over 30 today, and you say: “Oh, 80 years! What can this woman teach me? I am still fresh and young, I have everything ahead of me! ”, Liz replies in her book of the same name:“ You need to prepare mentally and physically for adulthood from a young age, and then 80 years will not be an age of limitations for you, but years of wide open opportunities!

At the lecture, Liz Burbo will share:

  • The main secret of your good self-awareness,
  • What helps her stay in shape and be interesting to herself and people
  • When and how should you start working with your body in order to preserve youth for many years?
  • The main thoughts that Liz Burbo expounds in her latest book, and it is important to beat in harmony with your desires at any age.
  • Liz will lead guided meditation
  • You can ask your questions to Liz Burbo live
  • Perhaps you will be lucky to win her new book and the lottery, which we will be holding right at the lecture.