24 July 2019, Wed. 22:00
Club AQUA Koblevo, Central (Festival) alley
from 8.33 EUR
from 8.33 EUR
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About event

Why should go to the concert of Lapis '98?

1. When the apple trees bloom, all the girls like it. Including, go to concerts.
2. Awww, I'll find you anyway. Even among the crowd of fans.
3. Dance. Because under the song "Lyapis" can not stop dancing.

The LYAPIS 98 orchestra and its unchallenged leader Sergei Mikhalok will present an exclusive and uncompromising in scale show “All Girls Like” show, consisting only of golden hits and popularly favorite songs that have been sung by all for several generations!

There are artists who absolutely do not need representation. An orthodox, unparalleled in the world orchestra of the pioneers of the radical radical chanson “LYAPIS 98” is not only included in their avant-garde, but also the best of the best!

Each of their concerts is a whole complex theatrical production, a show in the best traditions of Broadway, a storm of genuine emotions - you need to see and feel this! They give people joy, great mood, and charge them for feats! During this natural, but charming and attractive madness, no one can resist on the spot! Everything has been worked out and thought out to the smallest detail, to every note and every chord, and every song is a hit and a hit for all times, and thousands of halls from all over the world blow it up!

“Lapis” are relevant always and everywhere!