15 August 2018, Wed. 21:00
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from 8.79 EUR


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A holiday concert of Sergey Mikhalka and the band LYAPIS-98 in Zatoka! August 15, 2018 at 21:00, the Water Park of Zatoka.

Concert-Sensation: Sergei Mikhalok and the orchestra "Lyapis-98" according to numerous requests of many holidaymakers for the first time in Zatoka will perform their best hits for 25 years !!! "Lyapis-98" is a new group of Sergei Mikhalka, in which he performs the most driving hits of the group "Lyapis Trubetskoy": "You Threw", "In White Dress", "Au", "Evpatoria", "Apple Tree", "I believe "," Kotik "," Africa "," Capital "," Aby cho "," Metelitsa ", etc.

In the group, the musicians of the original composition of Lyapis Trubetskoi play. It's guitarist Pavel Tretyak, bassist Denis Sturchenko, drummer Denis Shurov, trumpeters Ivan Galushko and Vladislav Senkevich, and of course Sergei Mikhalkov himself.

Sergei Mikhalok: "The Space Circus of the Outsiders is back! Reggae and gypsy - performed by the ancestors of the "radical chanson" ... Fozzy Bear and his incomparable jokes, Yusik Kilevich, Trumpets and Fanfares, "Evpatoria" and "Kotik", "You Kinula" and "Golden Antelope" ... The whole spectrum kicha - in our "bardelier" for the sophisticated! The crazy clown Mihalok with the company "seasoned" for Lovers of the Beautiful! Why listen to a cover, if there is an original? Lapis 98 is a guarantee and professionalism. "

The first concert of "Lyapis-98" took place in the spring of 2016, after which the group went on a tour of Ukraine, Europe and Belarus. Each concert tour, like the first, was held with an absolute full house. In the autumn of 2018 the orchestra will go on a tour of North America and Canada.

In 2016, for the first time in 6 years, there was a big concert of the band in Minsk, tickets for which were sold in a few hours, which became an absolute record for the Belarusian show business!

Now the band continues to actively tour with solo concerts in Belarus, Ukraine, Europe and the USA.

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the legendary album "You Threw" under the southern sky together!

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