Lapis'98. Sergey Mikhalkov. 20 years to the album "Ты кинула". All hits in one three-hour show

15 December 2018, Sat. 19:00
Stereo Plaza Kyiv, Lobanovskogo, 119
from 42.42 EUR
from 42.42 EUR


About event

Why go to a concert?

1. When apple trees bloom all the girls like. Including, going to concerts.
2. Aw, I'll find you anyway. Even among a crowd of fans.
3. Dance. Because it is impossible not to dance to the songs of Lyapis.

"Lyapis-98" announces the year of iconic concerts: Lyapis Trubetskoy's album "You Threw" 20 years!

"Lyapis Trubetskoy" is a cult Belarusian punk rock band. 25 years of performances, tours, work on new hits. The group "Lyapis Trubetskoy" released as many as 13 full-length albums until August 31, 2014, Sergei Mikhalkov announced the termination of the team.

But the legacy of the legendary group "Lyapis Trubetskoi" continues to live in the frame of the new collective of Sergey Mikhalka - the Lyapis-98 orchestra. And in 2018, the cult album "You Threw" - 20 years. This is a very special date, therefore, in honor of such an event, "Lyapis-98" is sent to a big world tour!

Ahead of the concerts across Europe, Ukraine and Belarus, then the team will go to the US and Canada.

- The album "You Kinula" was not only our debut, but also the most popular album of the late 90's. We instantly moved from the category of amateur artists to the High League of Rock and Roll with tours around the world and crowded stadiums! Almost all the songs became folk hits and they have been memorized by several generations of fans by heart! We want to celebrate the DR of this epic and sign plate with a large-scale World Tour, "Sergey Mikhalok shared his emotions.

"Lyapis-98" is drums by Denis Shurov, bass by Denis Sturchenko, trombone by Ivan Galushko, trumpet by Vladislav Sienkiewicz, guitar by Pavel Tretyak and, of course, by Sergey Mikhalka. The author of video installations is Ruslan Vashkevich.

Each concert "Lapis-98" is sold out, favorite hits that all fans know by heart. Come to hear your favorite "Au", "You threw", "In a white dress", "Apple tree", "I believe", "Kitty", "Africa", "Evpatoria", "Capital" and others.

Drive, a powerful energy and soulfulness - all this is waiting for you at the concert "Lyapis-98"!

Have time to buy tickets to the Fan Zone at the best price at Their number is limited!

Tickets to Golden Fan and the sector will go on sale soon.

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