LYAPiS'98. Sergey Mikhalok

14 December 2018, Fri. 19:00
Palace of sports Kyiv, 1 Sports square
from 15.54 EUR
from 15.54 EUR
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1. When apple trees blossom all girls like
2. Au-au, I'll still find you
3. Dance

"Lyapis-98" announces the year of iconic concerts: Lyapis Trubetskoy's album "You Threw" 20 years!

The legacy of the legendary group "Lyapis Trubetskoy" continues to live in the frame of the new collective of Sergei Mikhalka - the Lyapis-98 orchestra. In 2018, the cult album "You Threw" turned 20 years old. For the Space Circus of outsiders led by Khudruk Sergei Mikhalkom, the date is special, therefore, in honor of such an event, "Lyapis-98" is sent to a big world tour! Now the band continues to actively tour with solo concerts across Europe, and in autumn 2018 will go on a big tour of the USA and Canada.

"Lyapis-98" is drums by Denis Shurov, bass by Denis Sturchenko, trombone by Ivan Galushko, trumpet by Vladislav Sienkiewicz, guitar by Pavel Tretyak and vocals by Sergei Mikhalk. The group performs exclusively gold hits of the group "Lyapis Trubetskoy": "Au", "You Threw", "In White Dress", "Apple Tree", "I Believe", "Kitik", "Africa", "Evpatoria", "Capital" and others. The musicians promise a concert in the best traditions of "Lyapis" - three hours of drive, insane energy, and of course, a quality light and video show. The author of video installations is Ruslan Vashkevich, one of the most famous Belarusian conceptual artists.

- The Space Circus of the Outsiders is back! Reggae, ska and gypsy - performed by the ancestors of the "radical chanson" ... Fozzy's bear and his incomparable jokes, Yusik Kilevich, Trumpets and Fanfares, Evpatoria and Kotik, You Kinula and Golden Antelope ... The whole spectrum of kitsch - in our "bardelier" for the sophisticated! The crazy clown Mihalok with the company "seasoned" for Lovers of the Beautiful! Why listen to a cover, if there is an original? "Lyapis-98" is a guarantee and professionalism, "says Sergey Mikhalok.

The first concert of "Lyapis-98" took place in the spring of 2016 and the group almost immediately went on a tour of the cities of Ukraine, Europe and Belarus. On the eve of the New Year 2017 in Minsk, the first concert of Sergei Mikhalka and Lyapis-98 was held: all tickets to this historic performance were sold in a few hours, which was an absolute record for the Belarusian show business! Each concert "Lyapis-98" is held with the same sold-out - spectators hurry to hear their favorite hits, so the tickets fly away for a long time before the concert.