Lords of the Sound feat Didier Marouani. Interstellar Concert

1 June 2019, Sat. 17:00
from 13.33 EUR
from 13.33 EUR

About event

Why go to the "Interstellar" concert?

1. The incredible atmosphere of outer space.
2. Live performance of compositions from cult films.
3. A special guest is Didier Marouani.

The orchestra "Lords of the Sound" invites you to a musical journey through the universe in the program "Interstellar Concert"! Special guest - Didier Marouani (leader of the group "Space").

How does cosmos sound? What is the music of the space where there are no sounds? The best cinema composers who created soundtracks to films about the development of other worlds by man, stellar flights and vast spaces should answer this question. These works are combined in a single program "Interstellar Concert".

And a reliable guide in the interplanetary sound excursion is none other than the famous Lords of the Sound orchestra! With their skillful play led by the conductor they will carry you through the music of such films: Interstellar, Gravity, Star Wars, Doctor Who, The X- Files, Armageddon, Avatar, Men in Black, The Fifth Element, Back to the Future, Pacific Rim, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Guardians of the Galaxy.

And the special guest of the evening will be Didier Marouani - the permanent leader of the cult group "Space"! The star of the world scale, which in its time made a breakthrough in electronic music!

He became one of the first representatives of this genre. Didier Marouani's songs “A Symphonic Space Dream”, “Magic Fly”, “Let Me Know The Wonder”, “Just Blue”, and others give pleasure to the third generation of listeners! And on June 1, the symphonic accompaniment of “Lords of the Sound” will be added to the space power of the legend! You will hear the hits of the group “Space” that accompany you since childhood, in a unique combination of electronic music and orchestral sound.

You are waiting for a truly space concert with unearthly music! These compositions will distract you from all the worries of everyday life. Allow yourself to go beyond the ordinary and dive into the infinity of music!

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