14 April 2020, Tue. 20:00
Stereo Plaza Kyiv, Lobanovskogo, 119
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from 43.00 EUR
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Louis Tomlinson in Kyiv! We are waiting for you on April 14, at 8 p.m. at the Stereo Plaza.

Louis Tomlinson will debut in Kyiv for the first time

Of all participants in the planetary popular One Direction boy band, Louis Tomlinson has the most interesting fate. Just look: actually, he was in One Direction, had time to play football at a professional level, as well as become a judge of the British version of the talent show "X-Factor".

And now, a few years after the breakup of One Direction, he has released his debut solo album Walls and is gearing up for a world tour. Not only will Louis Tomlinson come to Kyiv for the first time with his songs, but he will also become the first One Direction to set foot on Ukrainian soil.

April 14, Stereo Plaza

Walls can be summed up by the years that were in Tomlinson's life after One Direction. At first he made electro-pop in the spirit of his main band's songs - light and light-hearted. But a series of serious and tragic events forced him to change views on his own music.

Louis recently became a father. In 2016, he died of leukemia. In 2019 a heartbroken sister died of a heart attack. The blows of fate were catching up with the guy one by one. The best solution in this situation is to give the music an outlet for yourself.
"I thought something like, 'Probably, I have to start recording music that I really like.' And most importantly - to be honest and sincere towards yourself. What I started with is great self-deception. And Walls is about who I am in real life, "says Tomlinson.
Louis looked for inspiration not in old music, as usual, but in the music of modern heroes. He was inspired by Arctic Monkeys leader Alex Turner, Amy Winehouse, The Streets project ideologist Mike Skinner and one of 2019 Indie Rock musicians Sam Fender.

The result was Walls. A disc that does not build walls around the listener, but rather destroys them, presenting Louis Tomlinson not the sweet-haired popular guy he seemed to be at the beginning of zero.

Tomlinson's debut album is about the average average guy who, like everyone else, has their own fears, doubts, their own tragedies and the pain they cause. However, the songs in Walls are not tearful, but light, pleasant, simple.

They say that despite all the turmoil, life goes on because it is worth it.

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