10 February 2019, Sun. 19:00
Киевская Консерватория Kyiv, ул. Городецкого 1-3/11
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from 6.06 EUR
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LOVE IS ... in Kyiv - photo #1 LOVE IS ... у Києві
LOVE IS ... in Kyiv - photo #2 LOVE IS ... у Києві афіша
LOVE IS ... in Kyiv - photo #3 LOVE IS ... у Києві квитки
LOVE IS ... in Kyiv - photo #4 LOVE IS ... у Києві на concert.ua
LOVE IS ... in Kyiv - photo #5 LOVE IS ... у Києві фото
LOVE IS ... in Kyiv - photo #6 LOVE IS ... у Києві піти

About event

Why go to the play "Love is"?

1. Unforgettable emotional gift for Valentine's Day!
2. In the comedic style to learn more about the relationship of opposite sexes.
3. Laugh, laugh, think a little and laugh again!

How to celebrate the holiday of all lovers? How to make a gift for Valentine's Day so that it is unforgettable and unique? Welcome to "LOVE IS" !!!

No, this is not a drama. A hint of a comedy? Of course, but only to be sincere with you .... Three men. Each with his passion. Three stories, three deeply hidden secrets, three completely different views on the quivering, eternally exciting question of all eras - the relationship between a man and a woman. Circumstances brought them together, unites their friendship, but the talk is not about that. What happens in the mind of a man when he looks at a woman? When falls in love? What excites and annoys him, and what he cannot understand at all ... What does it mean for a woman: “How could you?” Or: “When will you finally call me?”

What does a man mean: “I will be in 15 minutes,” and why do they pretend to sleep with a woman standing next to each other in public transport?

The play “Love is ....” is a juicy cocktail of frank emotions, a masculine look at women, in all its absurd and funny manifestations, a drama under the guise of comedy, because only in this way can men speak frankly about their feelings.

This is a performance in which viewers embrace, hold hands, laugh, cry, catch "ants" in the body, and most importantly understand what "LOVE IS ..." is

Based on the works of "Panic" by Miki Myllyuaho, "What is Love" by Mars Kalahana, "Mars and Venus" by John Gray.

Cast: Bogdan Adamenko Ivan Yanchenko Sergey Anipchenko And the cabaret beauties.