6 March 2020, Fri. 19:00
ICCA OCTOBER PALACE Kyiv, aleya Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni, 1
from 9.97 EUR
from 9.97 EUR

About event

LOVE LETTERS in Kyiv! We look forward to seeing you at the October Palace on March 6th.

Why is it worth going to the LOVE LETTERS spectacle?

1. This is a story that reminds of the value of the moment and the irreversibility of time.
2. A minimum of scenery, but a maximum of feeling and honesty – you will see the power of acting without decoration.
3. This is an opportunity to see the Ukrainian version of theater classics.

LOVE LETTERS: What if you don't decide?

This is an unusual performance – only two people, almost no scenery and the actors do not play, in the usual sense. They read letters that their characters had exchanged since childhood.

They love each other, but never became a couple. They are honest in their feelings, but they have not made a step towards it. Each is an integral part of the other's life, but it exists only as a letter box.

Love Letters is the most insightful epistolary novel in dramaturgy

The romantic couple is played by Anton Lirnyk and Liliia Rebryk. First, we have letters from children. Modest, simple, but honest and kind. We see feelings being born.

Time goes by: a clumsy boy becomes a young man, and a girl with braces turns into a beautiful girl. Adulthood. Events and impressions are galloped, but young people do not forget each other and write, write… And everyone in writing letters finds himself, his creativity and his art.

LOVE LETTERS is a subtle, passionate and a bit sad performance that we invite you to visit on the evening of March 6th. Buy tickets at and get ready to empathize with your whole soul.

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