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Performance LOVE LETTERS (Love Letters)

6 March 2020, Fri. 19:00
ICCA OCTOBER PALACE Kyiv, aleya Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni, 1
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About event

“LOVE LETTERS” (“Love Letters”) is a performance about love. There are two, He and She. They write letters to each other. They write them all my life.

Life in words. The story of two destinies, a love story. It’s not just anyone’s fault, it happened. Everyone has his own path. The life of a woman and the life of a man. Women of talented, passionate, bright, men of purposeful, honest, intelligent. The result of love - boxes of letters.

Each plot in the letter is an occasion to touch your loved one, to tell an episode from your life in order to get some more words in response. Words of love.

No, letters do not begin with “love” and do not end with another confession. The letter itself is a testament of love.

The play, written in the middle of the last century, today has become in a new fashion in tune with time. The heroes of history wrote letters and did not dare to turn love into words into earthly love. The distance from the dream to reality was insurmountable. Today, such a story would be called a "virtual novel."

Cast: Anton Lirnik, Lilia Rebrik.