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A true love story Love Story. GosOrchestra

from 350 ₴

About event

"Love Story" concert. GosOrchestra" will take place in Ukrainian cities in the spring of 2024.

Why should you go to the "Love Story" concert. GosOrchestra"?

  1. The main orchestral show of this spring.
  2. Beautiful and melodious Love Story program performed by GosOrchestra masters.
  3. A bright event that will awaken the tenderest feelings.

"Love Story" concert. GosOrchestra" in your city

The First Theater of Enterprise and Comedy presents the big spring symphonic show Love Story! The concert dedicated to the most beautiful, mysterious and most important feeling in our life will be performed by virtuosos of GosOrchestra. Don't miss an incredible love story told in the language of beautiful melodies.

A romantic musical journey together with GosOrchestra

Spring is a time when everything around is restored and revived, when hearts beat more often, and love sounds even louder and more energetically in them... This evening, performed by outstanding musicians, you will hear the best compositions about love: Salut Damour, How Deep Is Your Love , Hymn for the Weekend, Mamma Mia and many other bright works. These are melodies in which the first glances in love, passionate kisses, and confessions are recorded. Sometimes it is difficult to find the words to express the whole range of one's own experiences. And then music comes to the rescue. Invite your dearest people to a beautiful, atmospheric evening. Before meeting!

Where to buy tickets for the Love Story concert. GosOrchestra"?

You can choose a city and immediately order tickets online at Concert.ua.

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