26 November 2019, Tue. 19:00
Kiev Drama Theater in Podil Kyiv, Andreevsky Descent, 20-B
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from 1.67 EUR
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Why is it worth going to the play “Levushka”?

1. View a story about Jewish happiness.
2. Try to look at the religious world with children's eyes.
3. Understand why it is so important not to leave the most important thing for later.

The play “Levushka” was staged based on a play by the Ukrainian playwright Anatoly Crimea. In the center of the story is the boy Leo, who grows up in a Ukrainian-Jewish family. He has two grandmothers - Rosa and Dasha, who have been instilling a love for God with their grandson from an early age. As you might guess, they have different religions. And everyone wants Leo to grow up with the right worldview.

Levushka turns out to be smart enough and immediately understands that the desire of grandmothers can be used for their own purposes. For going to the synagogue or church, he asks them for a monetary reward, which he then spends on his favorite treats. So, Levushka manages to accumulate a tidy sum.

By the way, it should be mentioned that in the synagogue and in the church the boy feels great. But how could it be otherwise, if the priest and the rabbi are friendly and kind people who are ready to listen, understand and meet them. You will definitely like Levushka’s nostalgic memories of a happy childhood, when grandmothers dear to his heart were nearby.

The performance is in Russian.
The duration of Levushka is 100 minutes.
Stage Director: Igor Slavinsky.

You should not leave the most important thing for later, because these are those words that you may not have time to pronounce. Come to the play “Levushka” to watch a funny and touching story!