10 August 2019, Sat. 22:00
Arizona Beach Club Kharkov, Alekseevskiy Lugopark, Bukovy lane, 10
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About event

Why go to the luna concert?

1. The perfect concert for dreamers
2. Sweet-sad impressions
3. A true dialogue with the artist and an unforgettable experience.

On August 10, the long-awaited concert of the Luna will take place at the Arizona Beach Club.

Fans love live shows of Luna, and artists on stage always reciprocate. The message of the musicians and the artist is an instant capture of the audience, whose main purpose is to give unforgettable emotions. At the concerts of Luna, the energy of the scene erupts into the audience, and the listener finds himself under an avalanche of sensations that Luna is elegantly controlling.

Each show of Luna is an original performance, decorated using the most modern technology. These are two hours of honest exaltation that will stay with you for a long time. Many argue that concerts of the moon can change a person’s life for the better, it is always a great gift for the public of those cities where the singer performs.

In her honest creative impulse, the negative is dissolved, and the audience gets what they come for - a sincere dialogue with the artist and indescribable emotions. The record has a single concept, an idea that combines all its components - songs, cover, video.


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