Lurzer's Archive. Push the button

10 June 2019, Mon. 18:00
Fedoriv Hub Kyiv, vulytsya Velyka Vasylʹkivsʹka, 5
from 45.00 EUR
from 45.00 EUR


About event

Why go to the Lurzer's Archive lecture. Push the button?

1. Understand why something works in advertising, and something - not.
2. See cases with powerful creations from around the world.
3. Get a unique portion of inspiration.

Everything was in Ukraine, but it was not there yet. For the first time in our history, special agents from Lürzer's Archive come to us - a famous creative resource for advertisers around the world. For those who breathe in advertising, they have prepared somewhat special.

On June 10 they will read two lectures at the FEDORIV Hub:

Lecture 1. The Luerzer's Archive Preview Show
We will show the most powerful creative cases, present new campaigns that have not even been published in the magazine, and tell insider information about what was happening outside the frame.
Duration: 60 minutes.

Lecture 2. The Mental Red Button
What is the secret of a successful campaign? Why do some marketing work work fine and others fail? The answer is simple: The Mental Red Button. At the lecture, understand what this is and why it helps to finally find the way to the hearts of the desired audience.
Duration: 60 minutes.

A little liver. Lürzer's Archive is a resource that publishes the best promotional items from around the world. Get to the pages of the printed version - the dream of every conscious advertiser. For 35 years of existence, they have created a huge advertising base and come in a wide range of formats.

For whom an event and why
No matter who you are - a serious creative director with twenty years of experience, or - a copywriter intern, this is a universal event. Come understand what works in advertising, and what does not, see cases with powerful creativity and get their own portion of inspiration.

And who are the speakers? Speakers will be Lürzer's Archive Specialists - HP & Charlotte. Their passion is to read lectures on the strong creative that they create all over the world. They are experts who see the market from above, so each listener will have to take a lecture: inspiration, insight or creative reception.

Schedule of the event:
18:00 - opening of the door;
18:30 - lecture The Luerzer's Archive Preview;
19:30 - break;
20:00 - The Mental Red Button lecture.

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