14 July 2019, Sun. 20:00
Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater Odessa, 1 Tchaikovsky Street
from 3.33 EUR
from 3.33 EUR


About event

Why should go to the concert Lubomir Miller?

1. Top event of the summer of 2019!
2. He is known as one of the fastest pianists on the planet, setting more than 30 years ago two Guinness World Records at once.
3. A composer who demonstrates an incredible and each time impressively proficient instrument performing author's music.

By popular demand of the audience! Concert of the incomparable maestro, virtuoso of the fastest pianist of the Planet - Lubomir Melnik! Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theater - will be the largest auditorium on which stage the artist will perform for the first time in the history of the creative path.

After a successful tour in honor of the 70th anniversary, Lyubomir Melnik will give Odessa an exclusive solo performance. Over the past year, the artist gave 23 concerts in Ukraine and several dozen abroad.

Innovator, pianist and composer of Ukrainian origin, is a pioneer of Continuous Piano Music. In the early 1970s, he made a significant impact on minimalism, exploring new horizons of contemporary music. He developed his own, new, unique language for playing the piano: playing a continuous stream of sound. Seeing and hearing his speech is a new discovery of experience and reason. In an effort to discover new ways of making music in a continuous mode - the artist shows his love and devotion to the instrument.

The pianist has a great creative heritage: the author of more than 100 musical compositions, the discography - more than 20 published albums. His talent is recognized by musicians, world media. Showing the world a video for the song of Christina Soloviy, evidence that the music has no boundaries.

The musician is known as one of the fastest pianists on the planet, and more than 30 years ago he set simultaneously two records of the Guinness Book. In the early 80s, the maestro developed a unique technique for playing super-fast arpeggios called “continuous music”, applying it in his musical masterpieces. Since few people can convey the style of his game, the artist performs himself, demonstrating his magical possession of the instrument.

Virtuoso is able to play 19.5 notes per second with each hand. The melody of his music is not in the change of notes, but in the imposition and interaction of overtones that arise from whole musical avalanches. Continuous canvases of sound betray his music ease of perception.

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