Love without rules

21 March 2019, Thu. 19:30
Киевская Консерватория Kyiv, ул. Городецкого 1-3/11
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from 5.76 EUR
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About event

Love and adventure! This is what makes our life interesting and unforgettable. What adventures can a woman to find love? Where to look for the only or the only one in the modern whirlpool of high technology and in the pool of passions?

Dear colleagues! At the nearest corporate party, look attentively at the young handsome man with a neat little beard. Suddenly it is not a man, and not even gay, but a pretty girl. But what does she do at night in the boss's office? And why get drunk? And when in the end “Anya will buy the balls”? Love games for adults and reckless lovers. Romantic comedy. An abundance of laughter and humor with a fantastic Hollywood finale!

Theater VISAVI always offers the viewer an EMOTIONAL menu. Laughter and tears are guaranteed. On the stage, there are real “living” people who are not alien to passion, hatred, affection and emotional breakdowns ... And at the same time, they are gallant and vulnerable, sweet and touching in their desire to find simple human happiness and love.

In the performance are actors of cinema and television series. You, of course, easily recognize them.

But what are they doing on stage ?! - this is not even allowed in the cinema. Two hours of good humor, easy flirting and passionate, reckless and comprehensive love !!!