Black Square: Love is twice!

23 October 2018, Tue. 19:30
ATLAS Kyiv, Sichovykh Striltsiv 37-41
from 4.15 EUR
from 4.15 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to the play "Love is twice"?

1. Each production of the theater "Black Square" is a bestseller!
2. A bright performance will cheer up even after the most tiring work week.
3. In the characters of the play you can easily recognize not only your friends, but also, probably, yourself.

Each of us has the first love. The first, but not the last. In most cases, the second appears behind it. And what if the first one has not left yet, and the second has already appeared? And here they meet ...

Love quadrangle, where two men and two women are trying to figure out what to do with love and how much she lives.

The play, of course, is a comedy, but with a sentimental and spiritual taste. Doomed to success. Because with such humor and ease of talking about the most important things in our life, only the "Black Square" can do.

And again, recall that the presentation refers to the project "Before and After Sex".