Love with a sight!?.

10 January 2019, Thu. 19:00
from 1.36 EUR
from 1.36 EUR

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Why is it worth the play "Love with a Sight"?

1. Easy, frivolous, incendiary statement.
2. You can learn a lot of simple wisdom.
3. See a sad parable with elements of the absurd.

Want to see a condom revue for adults? Yes, you read it right. “Love with a sight” or “Rubber merchants” is a sharp and piquant production. But the author's sharpness and directness only emphasize hidden meanings.

It is not easy for almost all people to combine the sublime aspirations of the soul and real life. And sincere impulses of feelings often break on the stone coldness of "practical attacks". Although when everything is complicated and intractable, humor and an ironic look at what is happening always come to the rescue.

That's about it at the same time sad and funny comedy "Love with an eye." The main characters are the pharmacist Bella Berlo and her gentlemen. They all live under the weight of their own illusions, habits, phobias, made-up rules and laws. Fatal rush, not noticing the meaning of life, refuse with rhino persistence from happiness, come with a stupid methodic on the same rake, turning them into a fetish. This is a strong statement about the complexities of life.

The play raises problems that we are afraid to admit even to ourselves. Come to "Love with an eye" behind a bag of wisdom and a portion of laughter!


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