Suite for foreigners

8 October 2018, Mon. 19:00
Maria Zankovetska Theatre Lviv, Lesi Ukrainky St, 1
from 11.82 EUR
from 11.82 EUR

About event

Metro of the Ukrainian scene BOGDAN BENYUK, NATALIA SUMSKA and ANATOLIY KOSTIKOEV bring this holiday to Lviv! October 8 at 7 pm on the stage of the theater. Maria Zankovetska's favorite folk artists of Ukraine will present an exciting comedy about the curiosities of family life "SUITE FOR FOREIGNERS"! This is a real theatrical longtime hit!

An iconic comedy Anatoly Khostikoyev as a director staged in 2011. The play immediately shocked the hearts of the audience and remains one of the most successful comedies of the theatrical company Benyuk and Hostikoyev.

The people of Lviv will find themselves in a time when there were no mobile phones yet, and the television did not fill our souls. Behind the window were the favorite melodies of the golden age of music, and the Europeans traveled a lot and found themselves in unusual situations ...

"SUITE FOR FOREIGNERS" is an exciting comedy story about two couples who, by the will of destiny, find themselves in one hotel room. A small hotel in a French town on the border with Germany, where all residents celebrate the festival of Saint Wolfgang, becomes an arena of amazing confusion and comic situations, brilliant love adventures and unexpected actions that delight the audience throughout the show!

In this, all boundaries disappear, and, in fact, the boundary between actors and spectators!

In addition to the swirling twisted plot and a lot of funny and curious scenes, the Vinnytsev expects a lot of exclusive surprises:
- The incomparable NATALIA SUMSK will prove that she is not only a brilliant actress, but an opera singer - sings in German!
- BOGDAN BENYUK in the Scottish Kilty flies on the Sopilka-Volyns!
- Anatoly Khostikoyev will appear in an absolutely unexpected way!
- And finally, the legendary Ukrainian "Chermeshin" will sound on a saxophone in live performances! the famous master of roles of the second plan VASILA MAZURA!

As you know, a minute of fun adds 5 minutes of life, so those who are lucky enough to see "LUXURY FOR FOREIGNERS" will have unforgettable extra hours in their life!

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