1 November 2018, Thu. 20:00
from 10.61 EUR
from 10.61 EUR
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About event

Why go to the Machete concert?

1. Hear your favorite songs.
2. Feel the unifying power of thought and music.
3. Change the world for the better.

Moshe Pinchas, who is also Yaroslav Maly, claims that miracles happen at the concerts of "Machete". And how else can you simultaneously talk about very high, but close to each person things? Team performances are a territory without flirting, without a star, without vulgarity. And this is a lot by today's standards.

All those present at the concerts are unique to musicians, because they consciously came to get a breath of fresh, clean air. And return back to the world with love, strength, dream and energy. On performances "Machete" acts the unifying force of music and thought. At the same time there is no distance between the audience and the musicians, there is no distance. They become one whole outside of time and space. The only thing that is - a feeling that the audience will take with them and share with their loved ones.

Moshe Pinchas: "We believe that we are changing this world for the better! And we know that we are doing this together with you."

See you at the concert!