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8 January 2022, Sat. 20:00-20:00
Stereo Plaza Kyiv, Lobanovskogo, 119
from 690 ₴
from 690 ₴

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Особи до 16 років можуть відвідувати захід виключно в супроводі дорослого

MACHETE in Kyiv! We are waiting for you 2022-03-08 at 20:00 at Stereo Plaza, Kyiv.

On March 8, the day of the brightest spring holiday, "MACHETE" presents a new program "SINGULARIS", which will include new songs and favorite hits of the band.

Machete is a weapon of truly happy people. "Unlike others", "unique", "original" - that's what they say about the band, which creates truly transcendent music and encourages to delve into yourself. Since 2010, Machete has been cultivating in its listeners a desire for self-knowledge and spiritual development. The band's frontman Yaroslav Maliy is convinced that the world is a divine system, where all living things can interact with each other, and where peace, happiness and love will be a priority.

To exchange a noisy metropolis for life in the mountains, to find harmony with nature and the world, to feel happiness every day - all this is a successful long-term practice of Yaroslav the Small. The musician transfers his life experience to art, creating songs full of energy and exceptional energy. Every work of the band is sincerity and beauty, a minimum of special effects, but a maximum of meanings.
"MACHETE" has long found its listener. These are those who share the view that the world deserves positive change, that it is important not just to speak, but to take the initiative and act.
The band's frontman appreciates moments of inner peace and dialogue with the Creator. Yaroslav Maliy is convinced that music is the strongest energy, and the spectator who comes to the live performance will co-create an exceptional atmosphere of spiritual unity.
Machete's new album, like the new program, is called Singularis. In our case, this word means the desire to merge with infinity. Outside of us comes a huge amount of energy that supports our lives. We invest this energy in our affairs, relationships, daily worries. And someone spends it on wars, on conflicts… We believe that giving energy back to infinity with a sense of love for what gives us the strength to live and create, it changes the world for the better. Our concerts will be dedicated to this topic. The new program will have both questions and answers. "
The soloist of the band emphasizes that the concert will also be dedicated to the theme of happiness. Together with the students of "MACHETE" will try to understand how to live life, to be co-creators of their own new reality, a new universe. The musicians promise a powerful exchange of thoughts and emotions, liberation from stereotypes about the world and openness to love.
Get ready to get a powerful charge of light! And be sure to share it with loved ones.

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