Master class by Cyril Smiyan. How to open a sweet business

27 June 2019, Thu. 19:00
Fedoriv Hub Kyiv, vulytsya Velyka Vasylʹkivsʹka, 5
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Master class by Cyril Smiyan. How to open a sweet business in Kyiv - photo #1 Майстер-клас Кирила Сміяна. Як відкрити солодкий бізнес у Києві

About event

Why pay a visit to the master class of Cyril Smiyan?

1. For a small business that wants to move to a new level and work out operational activities.
2. For domestic confectioners who dream of opening their own business.
3. In detail, we will analyze the following elements of confectionery: product, price, place of sale, promotion, process, people and physical environment.

The work of a confectioner is similar to the work of a research scientist.

It is also important here to observe proportions and temperature conditions corrected to a milligram. Otherwise, your sweet experiment will not succeed. It requires incredible accuracy, endurance and experience. That is why years of hard work are going on to master the profession of confectioner.

Cyril Smiyan, a confectioner with many years of experience, the owner of the confectionery chain "Smiyan", the founder and chairman of the All-Ukrainian confectionery association, is the owner of the first Ukrainian confectionery space, will share the secrets and features of this profession. Member of the jury of the first confectionery show at 1 + 1 "The King of Desserts".

I would like the case, which Cyril thought of as a hobby, became the main and favorite of his activities. It all began with the opening of the confectionery, for which he began to cook desserts. Not wanting to be an amateur, Cyril started self-education, began to ride to take experience abroad. He is convinced that despite the basic education, it is possible to achieve everything. The main thing - the desire to constantly improve. The same applies to consumers. Cyril believes that it is necessary to develop the guests so that they begin to understand what is the difference in taste and quality. To this end, he organizes a huge confectionery school that receives everyone on a daily basis. Currently, Cyril has 3 confectioneries, which in addition serve 15 restaurants and 22 coffee shops.

On June 27th, come to the master class of Cyril Smiyan "How to open a sweet business" and learn about: - the specialties of the confectioner's profession;
- work with personnel;
- Confectionery business model:
- Basics of 7 Ps marketing in this area. You ask, and what is 7 ps marketing? In fact, it is the achievement of the strategic and tactical goals of the firm by meeting the needs of the client as soon as possible with minimal resources. The 7 Ps marketing suite includes the following elements: product, price, place of sale, promotion, process, people and physical environment.

The event will be interesting for those who:
- wants to open his own coffee shop or confectionery;
- likes to cook desserts and deals with it at the amateur level;
- Bakes at home and wants to monetize his own hobby;
- has already opened its own business, but wants to go to a new level.

June 27th

Check-in: 18:00
Beginning: 19:00
Ending: 23:00