The Master and Margarita

26 November 2018, Mon. 19:00
from 3.33 EUR
from 3.33 EUR

About event

Why should you go to the play Master and Margarita?

1. See the classics live
2. Star cast
3. Incredible scenery

The novel "Master and Margarita" can be treated differently: read by drinking, thinking about the semantic load of individual episodes, or you can just think of it as fiction. But, anyway, he still carries away the virtuosos of the theater, fans of the book and theatergoers. The work has been filmed many times, and it has also been staged several times.

According to the director, to cope with the production of such an extraordinary work, which is "Master and Margarita", it was quite difficult. In this novel there are a number of plot lines, a lot of places where events unfold, an abundance of characters.

The result is a performance about the choice that one of us has to do once. His three main themes are inextricably linked by the idea of the need for upbringing of the senses and the red passing thought of the futility of human efforts aimed at the reconstruction of the world.

The production looks at one go. The mutual play of light, smoke and music combined with sound effects and perfectly delivered dances truly captures. Well, the brightest and most memorable for the audience scene, as in the novel itself, will be a ball with Satan. And the audience will even be invited to "participate" in the performance, announcing that they are invited guests of the devil and his queen.

You are waiting for a great cast of actors, whose game every time gathers full halls of connoisseurs of theatrical art.

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