17 August 2018, Fri. 23:00
from 17.30 EUR
from 17.30 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to Max Barski's concert?

1. To sing favorite hits - "My love", "Mists", "February", "I want to dance", "Girlfriend-night", "I'm losing you" and others.
2. To hear and see live the inimitable Max.
3. Dance under the drive music.

Do not miss the performance of Max Barskikh on August 17!

Scandalously known young artist, earned the glory of the sex symbol thanks to innovation in music and stylish songs, the authorship of which belongs to himself. Taking part in the reality show "Factory zirok-2", Max Barskikh managed to prove himself quite independent and individual. His rebellious soul, turbulent feelings and expressiveness became tight in the enclosed walls of the project, the singer strove for absolute freedom.

And that's why he now occupies the first lines of the charts /