18 November 2018, Sun. 20:00
MonteRay Live Stage Kyiv, Prorizna 8
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Max Ptashnik is a music programmer, sound producer, multi-instrumentalist and arranger whose media has already been baptized by Ukrainian Ed Shiran. Works in hip-hop and electro-pop styles and related areas.

This year it could be heard at such festivals as "Ї", "Fayne city", "Bandershtat", "Alfa Jazz", "ZaxidFest", "Youthday".

The musical project was founded in 2017 in the United States. Now the musicians and Max himself live in Lviv. The actual composition of the group (clan): Vitaly Dovgopoly - drums, Miroslav Melikuk - bass, Peter Zheruh - keyboards, Lyubomir Stasiv - Sinti.

In 2017, the EP's debut album "The Promise of the End of Loneliness" was released on its own.

And already on January 31, 2018, the release of the second conceptual album "Budennaya permain drama" was released.

On August 29, 2018, the release of the new single, "Wake Up", was the first publicly released material from the upcoming full-length artist album.

The song "Will" on poems by Yuriy Izdryk entered the top 100 songs in Ukrainian version of Karabas Liveta in the top 50 songs of 2017 by the version of LiRoom:

Max Ptashnikov participated in the "Identification" concert at Stereo Plaza, where Max performed on stage with such musicians as Pianoboy, SKY, MARU, Brunettes Shoot Blondes, EPOLETS.

Max Ptashnik is available on radio stations such as Lounge FM, Relax FM, Simply Radio Kiev, Sea FM, Radio Skovoroda, Country FM and other radio stations.