8 September 2018, Sat. 19:00
K.POINT Kyiv, Hlybochytska Str, 72
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from 8.65 EUR
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About event

Why it is necessary to go to the concert of the group "Paper"?

1. You know their tracks "Neit Diaz", "the most filthy day", "Alzheimer", "Knife", "30 years as a dead", "Wrist", "Flying Dutchman", "On Fire", "Together" "singularity", etc.
2. Hear the leaders of existential rap.
3. Drift and melodic set.

On September 8 "trash" will arrive in Kiev! Come to the "Warm Lamp", not to miss this event!

The group was founded 15 years ago. In the winter of 2003, 17-year-old children from Kemerovo joined together to create a creative duo. Eugene Alekhine and Konstantin Speransky were first-year students of philology, so it's no surprise that they borrowed the name for the group in literature. Namely, they sent a reference to one of the novels of Charles Bukowski. Young artists chose the direction of "social-being rap". So the recitative became the mouthpiece in the work with matter "civil position", "person-society", "moral, ethical, social responsibility".

So, "trash" for 15 years, rolling up its sleeves, does not leave the path of war with public vices. Each of their albums becomes more discreet and melodic. At the same time, the guys do not change their image: two rappers in unobtrusive clothes broadcast from the stage verbose and literally verified lines. Asceticism adjoins the nerve impulse, a stubborn whisper breaks into a cry. Come to hear the best tracks from different albums, as well as the newest collection of "place." Get ready for a tough two hour set!