17 May 2019, Fri. 19:00
from 10.00 EUR
from 10.00 EUR


About event

Why it is worth going to the concert of the "Waste" group?

1. You know their tracks "Neut Diaz", "the worst day", "Alzheimer", "Knife", "30 years as dead", "Wrists", "flying Dutchman", "on fire", "together", "singularity", etc.
2. Hear the leaders of existential rap.
3. Driving and melodic set.

May 17 in Kiev will arrive "Waste paper"! Come to the MonteRay Live Stage to not miss this event!

The waste paper hero woke up after a love hangover and found himself in the middle of an anti-utopian landscape. Through the quivering urban façade, the darkness of the endless desert, the emptiness of timelessness, peeped out, a dull yawn of eternity can be heard. The night itself lost its dignity, fell apart like an old drunken man in heavy, wet clothes.

The hero sees in front of him a hustler, in which hellish fun reigns, an unstoppable blue light, all the roles are distributed, the owner of the kabak is accepted to be hated, but he pours and feeds even the most feignedly rebellious.

On the stage of Kiev, waste paper will perform with a new album, the songs will be like paper lanterns in a stinking thick fog of tavern streets.

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