Malbec and Suzanne. July 27

27 July 2019, Sat. 22:00
Ibiza Night Club Odessa, Odessa, Arcadia
from 10.00 EUR
from 10.00 EUR
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About event

Why should you go to Malbec and Suzanne concert?

1. Critics and fans unanimously tribute to the team a great future.
2. Roman and Suzanne are connected not only by creative relationships, but also by feelings. And it allows them to create incredibly emotional tracks.
3. The subtle lyrics of Malbec and Suzanne on the shore of the warm Black Sea will warm the soul, filling it with lively experiences.

July 27 in the club Ibiza - attractive Malbec and Suzanne! Do not miss a meeting with those who write the history of music. At the long-awaited concert in Odessa, the most beloved fans of the song will be performed.

In the tandem of Roman and Suzanne - everything is very harmonious, beautiful, for real. Suzanne's vocals are subtle, exquisite decoration. Without him, there is no magic that makes millions watch Malbek clips. It’s no secret that the famous song “Indifference” was written by Roman 5 years ago. And only in collaboration with Suzanne, the work gained soul.

Although what kind of cooperation? This is a terrific addition to each other. The feeling that unites musicians gives wings and helps to create. Such they are spontaneous. Walked in Kyiv, then - in Moscow. And got married in four days. And who will judge?

The compositions of Malbec and Suzanne are a beautiful melody, relevant words, lively emotions. They want to listen to their songs endlessly, penetrating further and further into new worlds. Dissolving in harmony, disrupting the run of time... Soon they will give a powerful impulse to you. We will meet for sure!