Little people on the big bed

13 February 2019, Wed. 19:00
House of Culture and Arts Kyiv, Irininskaya Street, 6
from 9.09 EUR
from 9.09 EUR

About event

Why go to the retro-staging "Little people on the big bed"?

1. Exciting eccentric comedy in one action.
2. Magic sounds of jazz and charlestone.
3. video projections, costumes and dances of the beginning of the era.

By the day of love! February 13 at the center of culture and arts in Irininskaya, 6 Kiev theater VIZAVI presents a retro comedy SMALL PEOPLE FOR THE GREAT FURNITURE.

This story occurred in England in the twenties of the twentieth century. It was a wonderful time. He brought jazz, charleston, short skirts and unusual freedom in relationships. But some old manners have not lost their meaning until today. Thus, for example, any married couple who have lived together for four years and have no children has the right to invite the State husband to the home. He must provide practical help in this delicate case.

Our hero is the same State man. He is responsible and attentive. Never be late and do not confuse the address. Another heroine is waiting for the Photographer. It was not easy to invite a photographer at that time. This could only be done by a very rich and very enthusiastic woman. The absurdity of the situation lies in the fact that the State man for the first time in his life was wrong with the apartment. He messed up the address. The photographer was also mistaken. From what happened, the viewer will see the theater performance.

A fascinating eccentric anecdotal retro comedy from the VIZAVI theater.

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