Little people on the big bed

14 March 2019, Thu. 19:30
Киевская Консерватория Kyiv, ул. Городецкого 1-3/11
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from 5.76 EUR
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About event

Why should go to the comedy "Little People on the Big Bed"?

1. Enough to laugh with thin and vulgar humor;
2. Enjoy the amazing game of actors;
3. See how intimate theme between heroes is played up.

Fascinating eccentric retro comedy in one act. Jazz, Charleston, video projection, dances and costumes of the beginning of the era ...

London. The beginning of the century. The city of unchanged traditions. And some old customs have not lost their value until now. For example, any married couple who lived together for four years and had no children have the right to invite a State husband for a certain payment to provide practical assistance in such a difficult and delicate matter.

A certain Mrs. Dorothy Kemble, by the way, a very God-fearing person, with fear and humility, awaited the State husband. Her husband, Mr. Kemble, having lost the final hope of seeing an heir, strongly suggested his wife to call the State husband to the house. At the same time, the famous English photographer David Lynch received another order: the creation of numerous photographs at home. Barbara is waiting for him. She has the only passion: she loves being photographed.

And, as you understand, our heroes confused the apartments. The State Husband came to the lover to be photographed, and the photographer to the woman who was waiting for the State Husband.