Little Donny conquering the gloom

24 July 2020, Fri. 19:00
Theater on Tea Odesa, st. Marazlievskaya, 34A
from 1.33 EUR
from 1.33 EUR
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About event

The play was staged by Leonard Gersh's play “These Free Butterflies”.

The director of the play, Alexander Onishchenko, so accentuated and supported them with acting energy that you can feel the approach of the next cataclysm that is small for the whole world, but huge for the fate of the heroes, the atmosphere thickens, as if before a thunderstorm ...

The age limit is no less than 15 years.

Director: Alexander Onishchenko

Donald Baker - Vladislav Kostyka
Jill Tanner - Valery Zadumkin
Mrs. Baker - Elena Yuzwak
Ralph Austin - Oleg Shevchuk