20 October 2019, Sun. 20:00
from 5.00 EUR
from 5.00 EUR

About event

Why is it worth to go on Mamahohoala Show?

1. Humorous project number 1 for a youth audience in Ukraine.
2. The show has 11 seasons successfully goes to UFO TV.
3. Numbers of the show gain millions of views on YouTube and understand quotes.

Already this autumn, Mamahohola studio is having a tour in Ukraine and in October we will visit with a concert in Odessa! Take friends or a soul mate and become part of this event.

Back in 2012, a team gathered that loved humor in all its manifestations. Jokes accumulated, the team increased, it was necessary to go further. The idea was born to turn universal admiration into something more.

This is how Mamahohotala Studio appeared, which instantly conquered the Ukrainian audience. Today, these guys are already the 11th season of their comic show on UFO TV channel and gained a reputation as recognized idols of young people.

What awaits you? Years of TV screens and millions of views on YouTube will never replace one view tete-a-tete. So come to the new concert of the studio "Mamahohotala." Non-stop mix of jokes, thumbnails and actual numbers that you will see and hear for the first time. It will be crazy ... and almost always intelligent!

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