Mando Diao

28 February 2021, Sun. 19:00
Bel etage Kyiv, st. Shota Rustaveli, 16A
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from 36.33 EUR
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Mando Diao in Kyiv - photo #1 Mando Diao у Києві

About event

Mando Diao for the first time in Kyiv! Come to Bel etage on April 11 to listen to cool Swedish musicians.

Why is it worth going to Mando Diao show in Kyiv?

1. To hear live a Swedish indie rock band with a 20-year history.
2. Enjoy the springtime and the same enjoyable concert.
3. Rate songs from a new album.

Mando Diao will give a show in Kyiv for the first time and present a new album

What is the Swedish city of Borlänge? First, its industry. Second, it was Sweden's most criminal city in the 1990s. Thirdly, one of the coolest European indie rock bands Mando Diao was formed here.

February 28, Bel etage Club

Mando Diao has been on the scene for 20 years. Choosing music instead of crime, the guys did not lose. The band became one of the main figures first in the Swedish indie scene and then in the European one.

Starting with a raw but very danceable rock and roll dance, Mando Diao explored itself in many directions: in the mix of garage rock and the seventies, in indie folk and even in synth pop. One and a half million albums sold, one and a half thousand gigs worldwide.

New Bang! in a sense, it sums up the quest for musical freedom and proves that Mando Diao is not just international hits like Dance With Somebody or Gloria.

The album is inspired by endless nightly parties and performances at festivals. We used to think, "Damn, we don't have the cool guitar riffs for these big scenes." And we managed to make a dozen such songs - short but explosive. You can say that Bang! - one of our dirtiest releases, - say the musicians.

Bang! Is half an hour of intense, guitar bangers about everything in the world. From love and relationships to learning about pyromania and your own desires. According to Mando Diao, Bang! – their most favorite album:

We also wanted to make the listener feel free from everything. Remaining human in the current world is a difficult task. In order to save yourself, it is important to remember the most wonderful moments that happen to you.

So the return of the heat to the capital in mid-April and the Mando Diao show are a good opportunity to become human again if need be. Don't miss out.

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