Christmas Jazz Songs - Sinatra

20 December 2019, Fri. 19:00
House of Architect Kyiv, Boris Grinchenko Street, 7
from 8.00 EUR
from 8.00 EUR

About event

Marco Concert continues the series of New Year's concerts “Christmas Jazz Songs”. On December 20, the National Academic Brass Band of Ukraine will perform hits by the unique Frank Sinatra at the Architect's House.

Francis Albert Sinatra is an American singer, actor, film director, producer and showman. Eleven times won a Grammy Award. He was famous for the romantic style of performing songs and the "velvet" timbre of his voice. Sinatra is considered to be the standard of musical style and taste, the songs performed by it entered the pop classics and swing style and became vivid examples of the jazz pop-jazz singing style. Not one generation has been brought up on his hypnotic voice.

The National Academic Brass Band is one of the leading musical groups in the country, created as the State Brass Band in 1979 on the initiative of the Union of Composers of Ukraine, and is currently the first and only Ukrainian brass band of this level and status. The orchestra’s active concert repertoire presents all musical genres - from classical to jazz. The genre variety of concert programs is a characteristic feature of the collective, which emphasizes its artistic uniqueness.

During its existence, the orchestra has been and remains a constant participant in many outstanding events in the cultural life of Ukraine: prestigious music festivals, art festivals and celebrations. Repeatedly successfully represented the national musical art abroad - participated in wind festivals in the Netherlands and in Germany.

The composition of the orchestra:
• Conductor - Alexey Vikulov
• Saxophones Rostislav Zaitsev (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone), Stanislav Slasten (tenor saxophone), Maria Zubkova (alto saxophone), Roman Kozionov (baritone saxophone), Bogdan Sychevsky (tenor saxophone)
• Pipes: Vladimir Spasichenko, Dmitry Melnichenko, Petr Polonsky, Nikita Girdyuk, Dmitry Malmö
• Trombones: Valery Chesnokov, Alexander Epifanov, Sergey Polyansky, Andrey Krishuk, Roman Sotnikov
• Rhythm group Konstantin Markochan (drums), Artem Pogorelov (keyboards), Evgeni Frisher (guitar), Ruslan Yadvizhin (bass guitar)
• Soloist: Vitaliy Kostenko

New Year's Eve to the music of Frank Sinatra will be held on December 20 at the Architect's House, at ul. Boris Grinchenko, 7.

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