Jazz on the Beach - Sinatra

22 August 2019, Thu. 19:00
UBK Kyiv, Trukhanov Island (200 m from the pedestrian bridge)
from 10.00 EUR
from 10.00 EUR


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About event

His velvety voice has become a symbol of a whole musical era, and his songs have not ceased to love for several generations of listeners. He became a benchmark and role model for both musicians and ordinary jazz lovers.

On August 22, when the sunset brings a touch of romantic mood to a warm summer evening, garlands will be lit on the coast of the South Coast of Crimea and the touching ballads of Frank Sinatra will sound. Melodies filled with light, love and the fullness of feelings.

Sinatra dreamed of becoming a singer since childhood. Already at the age of 13, he began working on the ukulele in bars and made a group of The Hoboken Four. As part of which won the radio competition for young performers in 1935. This victory was followed by the first tour of the group around US cities. The popularity of Sinatra attracted the attention of prominent figures of show business and in 1946, he recorded his first album, The Voice Of Frank Sinatra. In the career of Frank Sinatra, there were ups and downs, such as loss of voice after a long depression and a cold in 1951. But a year later, the voice returned, and the audience returned to his concerts. In 1977, Sintara was awarded the highest award of the United States - the Gold Medal of Congress.

Melodies that invariably belong to the top rankings of romantic music and constitute the golden jazz collection will be performed by one of the leading collectives of the country - the National Academic Brass Band of Ukraine. Founded in 1979, it still remains the only civilian brass band of this level. The team has repeatedly represented Ukraine abroad at brass music festivals and continues to collect full halls at home, presenting a wide variety of genres - from classical to jazz.

See you on the moon, where you play among the stars. To be more precise, we are waiting for you on August 22 at sunset of the day on the South Coast of the Crimea, where we will be carried away on the waves of the velvet voice of the inimitable Frank Sinatra. The most romantic evening of this summer will begin at 20:00.

Please note that the entrance for cars to Trukhanov Island is CLOSED!
By the Decree of the KSCA, Trukhanov Island has been declared an eco-zone with restricted vehicle movement and we cannot provide transportation directly to the location. The most convenient way is to leave the car in the parking lot near the entrance to the pedestrian Park Bridge and walk along it to the island. Thank you for understanding.

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