NAONI - Christmas

5 January 2020, Sun. 19:00
House of Architect Kyiv, Boris Grinchenko Street, 7
from 8.00 EUR
from 8.00 EUR

About event

The decorated Christmas tree is about to shine, garlands will be lit up with all the colors of the rainbow, snowflakes will dance outside the window, and the cat is already ready to fight with New Year's serpentine. But still, as if something is missing. There is no touching thrill and expectation of a holiday that pleased us in childhood.

Remember Dickens' Christmas Story about the old Scrooge, who did not like Christmas, and then changed overnight. This story was an impetus for the Marco Concert team to take matters into their own hands - to arrange an even unforgettable evening in a small part of Kiev; to make the capital of Scrooge less, and those who are looking forward to the winter holidays, from the first note transferred to the fabulous Lapland. It's all about music - only it can create the right atmosphere in seconds.

On January 5th, a concert will be held at the Architect's House, which you and your loved ones will remember for a long time.

Responsible for your mood: National Orchestra of Folk Instruments led by the Chief Conductor and People's Artist of Ukraine Viktor Gutsalo. Smile, imagining that the conductor is Santa, and Naona is his Christmas elves. And remember this evening, January 5th. So, ready for the powerful emotional flow of this event?

The legendary compositions of Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Leontovich, familiar to us from childhood in a live performance of one of the best orchestras in Europe, are unforgivable to miss!

By the way, we said that this evening is a great opportunity to give the dearest person the most precious gift? Fond memories are what really matters and is valuable. Moreover, you won’t have to think about the drive for a long time. Saint Nicholas, New Year and Christmas is already knocking on our doors! The main thing is to open them in time and let these aromas and sounds into your home and soul.

Plan everything to the smallest detail so that the atmosphere of magic does not leave you for even a minute.
Do you hear that sound? This Santa pulls up with his team.
Hurry to grab a ticket and let the music rule the ball!

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