Maria Chaykovskaya

16 December 2018, Sun. 19:00
Odessa Regional Philharmonic Odessa, st. Bunin, 15
from 7.27 EUR
from 7.27 EUR

About event

Why go to the concert of Maria Tchaikovsky?

1. A beautiful girl playing the piano and subtly singing her own songs about the main thing. What could be better?
2. To sing together your favorite songs and to feel new memories, accumulated during the time of separation from the singer.
3. For the first time or for the first time, feel special magic, which is born only at the live concerts of Tchaikovsky.

December 16 at the Odessa Regional Philharmonic - a gentle, immensely talented and unique Maria Tchaikovsky. Do not miss the most sensual evening of the season!

Maria will perform with the program "Believe in Love", which will include new and already familiar songs. The world around is changing every day. The young ladies in crinolines and knights remain only on the canvases of artists. Invariably one: a feeling that in any corner of the planet, in any language is expressed equally. Because it is love. Causing sincere awe, she enters the heart, forcing to remember the tenderness and care. Love can stop the crazy run of life and light a flame in your chest.

It is this - a sincere and real evening with Maria Tchaikovsky. Not a single false note, not a single fake emotion. And thoughts are only about what is really valuable and important. Problems and worries for a couple of hours will go into oblivion. There will remain stars, sky, summer and she is sensual and amazing, Maria Tchaikovsky. Awaken the romance. Come to the concert. See you!

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