7 December 2019, Sat. 19:00
from 26.67 EUR
from 26.67 EUR


About event

Mashina Vremeni in Odesa! Don`t miss 2019-12-07 в 19:00 on the Odessa Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy, Odesa.

Why should you go to Mashina Vremeni concert?

1. To congratulate the cult group on its 50th anniversary.
2. Live to hear the songs that once sunk into our hearts once and for all.
3. Again, using the example of the musicians themselves, make sure that “you should not bend over a changing world.”

Mashina Vremeni will perform in Odessa as part of a tour dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the group!

It seems to us that they have always been. We just remember them as much as we remember ourselves. Sometimes we take them for granted. But in fact it is a miracle. Do you know many groups that exist for fifty years? People do not always live so much...

And this is an honest "fifty". That is not the case when the musicians flashed for several years in the seventies and then didn’t want to know each other for many years - no, all these fifty years passed in constant concerts and recordings. Without interruptions and collapses.

And this is a creative "fifty". That is not the case when, seeing the name on the poster, people ask again: “Are they still alive?” Once they came to the fore, the group did not leave it anywhere, in 2014 there were no less talk about them than 1974 and 1984. In their permanent concert program, songs from 1976 side by side with songs from 2016 - and the public sings in a choir.

And this is really a group, not a leader plus extras. The whole trio - Andrei Makarevich, Alexander Kutikov, Valery Efremov - have not been separated for forty years. Together with them today Igor Khomich, Alexander Levochkin and Alexander Ditkovsky come on the scene. But most of the former participants are not random figures, but full-fledged co-authors of the legend, bright personalities who came to the team seriously and for a long time and left a huge mark.

Now in the history of Mashina Vremeni a new chapter begins. The whole jubilee year is held on the tour, the most ambitious in the history of the group, with performances on five continents. And, of course, Ukraine occupies a special place in the tour. Mashina Vremeni first came here in the early 80s - and since then, it seems, there has not been a year when the musicians have not performed all together or with solo projects.

See you!


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