Mask-show. Romeo and Juliet

13 February 2019, Wed. 19:00
Freedom Hall Kyiv, Kyrylovska street, 134
from 7.58 EUR
from 7.58 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to the show "Masks show, Romeo and Juliet"?

1. Familiar characters in a completely new vision
2. Relax and laugh from the heart
3. Get a dose of positive from recognized masters to fool around

"Masks" invite all lovers of humor to be drawn to the full, stick out and pokolbasitsya! In short - relax and relax! With us - fun!

So, what's the show "Romeo and Juliet"? The main heroine, I mean Juliet - a girl, a teenager, is 35 years old. She is promised to be married to a relative of a prince named Paris, who was repeatedly injured with an iron in his head. But the unexpected meeting at the ball changes all plans. Enthusiastic moron Romeo lights in the heart of Juliet fire, which grows into the unquenchable passion of lovers. But not everything is so simple.

Juliette's relatives are still destroyers of happiness. That Capuletti's father is an old-fashioned man, that Brother Tybalt is a bully, fighter and bully. It's he who kills
During the quarrel of friend Romeo Benvolio. What does it mean - sneak in the back of a flower pot. What really there - the protagonist in debt does not remain: in a fit of fury, Romeo bites Tybalt by the ear. And that tragically dies.

And here is the finale ... The main character secretly assigns a date to her beloved at the cemetery.

Expect tears and drama? It was not there. Comic intricacies and unexpected twists of the plot lead to universal joy. So the play will end with universal love, as well as the triumph of youth, beauty and, naturally, humor.